YWAM Middle East



Half of the world's population is under the age of 18.
About 85% of all Christians get saved before the age of 13.
Yet still a minority of all Christian work is focused on children!

If you want to make a difference in the lives of children & youth around the Middle East or anywhere in the world, the School of Principles in Children and Youth Ministries is for you. This 12 week training course will inspire and equip you to reach this younger generation!

The PCYM is for people working in children and youth ministry and covers topics like: God’s heart for young people and families, the potential of children in God’s Kingdom, Godly discipline and instruction, issues for todays children and more.

Through formal, informal and interactive learning, the curriculum covers God’s heart for children youth and families, biblical principles of child and youth ministry, child development stages, program & strategy development, working with children at risk, creative forms of evangelism among children & youth, leading children & teens into prayer & worship, family in ministry, orphan and street children's ministry and much more!

It will include a focus on youth culture in the Arab world and Camp and outreach preparation and development.

PCYMs are run in multiple locations in the region and are conducted in Arabic and English.

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