YWAM Middle East


  • For the nations and people of the Middle East. Many are in conflict and turmoil. The human suffering is overwhelming and the reasons for hope are few. Pray that God will bring not just stability but the true peace that can only come through submission to the Prince of Peace.
  • For our staff. Many are serving and ministering in dangerous and difficult situations. Pray for safety, for wisdom, for courage - to be filled daily with hope and love in a region where hope and love are in desperately short supply.
    Pray for their financial needs. In war or instability everything becomes more expensive. Some of our staff struggle even for daily food.
  • For the harvest. Every week we are hearing of more and more people coming to follow Christ, but still it is few compared to the many millions who live in our region.
  • For new believers, particularly those from Muslim communities. Many are enduring strong persecution, even to the point of death. Pray for such depths of intimacy and friendship with God that they can endure and be a light to their families and communities.
  • For discipleship of new believers. As YWAM we are often told that one of our areas of anointing is discipleship. Pray that we can bring that discipleship to new believers in all corners of our region.
  • For the unreached corners. There are still areas of the Middle East where very few seeds have been sown and where local people would have virtually no opportunity to know the love of Christ. Pray that light will pierce the darkness.
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