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Israel – a land rich in history, beauty and cultural diversity. With ancient biblical sites painting a backdrop to the modern high-tech nation of Israel, there are many facets to this land and its people.  It’s true, there are many differing opinions in Israel, but on one thing everyone can agree… there’s nowhere else like it!!  God is at work here and His Kingdom is ever expanding. For the West Bank and Gaza see Palestine.


Population:7.8 million

75% Jewish; 17.5% Muslim; 1.8% Christian; 1.6% Druze; 3.9% other 

Israel is a cosmopolitan nation of immigrants with over 49 languages being spoken. Hebrew is the national language, with Arabic, Russian and English also widely spoken.

Of the Jewish population 43% of the population consider themselves to be “secular”; 35% are traditionalist Jews; 9% religious Jews and approx. 12% ultra-orthodox Jews.


Israel is a very small country at the heart of the Middle East.  It is a highly developed nation with world-class hospitals and universities. Jewish followers of Jesus are known as “Messianic Jews” and there has been a steady increase in the numbers of Messianic Jews over the last few decades, however they do face some resistance and opposition by certain sections of the society. 

Huge numbers of immigrants from Russia and Ukraine have shown an openness to the Gospel. 

The global Church focuses a huge amount of interest and prayer on Israel, and yet Israelis are, for the most part, still “unreached”. We hope to see all Israelis have an opportunity to personally know the most famous of all Jews – Jesus!


When Rome destroyed Jerusalem in the first century many Jews fled the persecution and over the following centuries settled all over the Middle East, Europe and beyond. The land was then occupied by Arab, Crusader and later Turkish rulers. In the 1890’s the Zionist movement began to bring Jews back to the land of Israel. The greatest influx of Jews into Israel has been since World War II, as millions of displaced Jews in Europe fled to the safety of their own land. 
This influx of Jews has created conflicts and disputes over land and control, that remain unresolved until today.

The creation of the state of Israel in 1948 brought Jews of many different languages and cultures returning to Israel. This has created another set of tensions between different groups of Jews within Israeli society.

Long Term Opportunities

Following are some of the opportunities that exist for those who want to join our long term team:

  • Hosting short term teams 
  • Church Planters 
  • Administration & Office Staff 
  • Language Teachers 
  • Community Development workers

To join our staff team you will need:

  • Successful completion of a DTS 
  • minimum 2-year commitment
  • God’s heart of love for both Israelis and Palestinians.


Israel has more museums per capita than any other country in the world.
It’s the world’s 100th smallest country.

The Dead Sea bordering Israel and Jordan is the lowest point on earth, at 1315 feet below sea level at its lowest point. The Dead Sea is also 8.6 times saltier than the ocean.

The World Centre of the Baha’i faith is located in the Israeli cities of Acre and Haifa.

Both the Intel Pentium chip and USB memory card were developed in Israel.

The cherry tomato was originally engineered in Israel in 1973.
You can buy hummus flavored ice cream.

Language Learning

Israel has one of the most developed and widely available systems of language learning due to the high number of non-Hebrew speaking immigrants. The “Ulpan” generally involved 5 months of full-time Hebrew study in a class-room setting. Further blocks of study can follow for higher levels. Ulpan schools are available in all major towns and centres and some schools also offer study visas.



Most nationalities visiting Israel can obtain a 3-month tourist visa on arrival. However staying any longer than that can prove to be a huge challenge. There are currently limited possibilities for long-term visas, therefore we carefully screen all staff applicants. YWAM is not registered in Israel, therefore we work in partnership with other registered organizations in order to secure longer term visas.


Cost of Living

The cost of living in Israel is comparable to Europe. Our team is decentralized and all of our staff members rent or share their own apartments and maintain all of their own living expenses. All international staff are required to have current health insurance and an adequate level of financial support. Renting a house in Jerusalem can start from US$1800/month.We recommend that international staff come with a minimum of US$2000/month in support for singles who plan to house share, and US$3000/month for couples/families.



The easiest way to enter Israel is to fly in to Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv. Another option is to come across the land crossing from Jordan.

Those wanting to enter the West Bank will need to obtain an Israeli visitor’s visa, then travel up to Jerusalem. From there buses to the West Bank cities can be taken.


Short Term

Israel is generally quite a safe place to live, however there are times when the security situation can deteriorate suddenly and dramatically. Currently there are threats from rocket fire from Gaza, Lebanon and Syria.


Security Situation



Who to talk to

Israel: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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