YWAM Middle East

Tent making and Business as Missions

In some of the nations of the Middle East it is very difficult to stay without having either employment or being involved in business. This is most important in the richer nations of the Gulf (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE and Oman).
To minister in these nations YWAMers find employment or start their own business. This allows them to stay in the nation. It also gives natural connections with the people they work with and the communities they live in.
YWAMers then gather on weekends or other occasions for encouragement, worship, prayer and fun.
YWAM can only offer limited help finding employment or starting a business in the Middle East. Most job opportunities in the Gulf need to be applied for in the persons’ home country. Information about these jobs can be found through newspapers or websites.
Starting a business in the Middle East will be a challenging and difficult process. Keeping it going and making it profitable will be even more challenging. It is good if those planning to pursue starting a business in the Middle East have prior experience in business in their home country.
If God is calling you to be involved in tent- making or business you may need to pursue further education, training or experience in your home country in your field of work. Though this may seem less ‘spiritual’ than being in ministry or spiritual training, it may be essential preparation for ministry in some communities in the Middle East.
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