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SYRIAN REFUGEES: The Bread of Life
Jesus said, “I am the bread of life.” Therefore, we must conclude that because of our relationship with Jesus, we are also, “the bread of life.”
Bread plays a very minor role in the context of Western life; the grains that make bread are merely one of the five food groups. In some sense, one could surmise that our relationship with Christ can become just one of the segments, or food groups, in our busy lives.
However, here in the Middle East where Jesus lived, bread is essential to life. The lowly loaf, or pita, is eaten with everything from breakfast until dinner and is available to everyone. For Jesus to say, “I am the bread of life,” has a lot more meaning attached than we from the West might initially grasp.
Recently here in Mafraq, Jordan, I met a lady, a mother, who is also a Syrian refugee. She had just witnessed the death of her son reported on television, fighting a civil war in their nation where many lives are being senselessly lost. He was killed four days ago, but they had only just heard.
More than 3,000,000 Syrian refugees are living in makeshift camps and houses in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey. We have teams of people giving aid and building relationships by way of food distribution and other household necessities. Every day our teams visit families bring food parcels. Giving more than just food, our teams spend time with the Syrian families listening to their stories and praying for them.
We are to be “the bread of life” for people like these in times of desperation. We give, we speak, we pray, but most of all we communicate the love of Jesus.
Can you make yourself available to be “bread” for people?
People and teams are needed in these nations near the Syrian border to assist and love the refugees. Both long term and short-term opportunities exist to serve the Syrian people. These people deal not only with the grief of fleeing their country, but the loved ones they have lost to this war, and the culture shock of living in a country that is not their own.
This opportunity is not only for those who can go. Everyone can be involved in praying for the people of Syria in this time of desperate need.
Please also consider donating towards helping continue this precious work in the lives of the Syrian people. Your gift would help support the food or basic household needs for the people and the staff involved in these ministries.
If you are interested in joining the work here or bringing a team, please enquire to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   for further information.
Please consider if you are to be involved in this defining moment in history. We have an open door to care for these people. It is time again for the “Good Samaritan.”

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