YWAM Middle East

Frontier Missions

Many of the nations and cities of the Middle East have no Christian community among them. In Saudi Arabia virtually all churches are banned and in most other Gulf countries it is only foreign workers who can come to pray at the few churches allowed to operate. In Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and parts of Palestine and Iraq traditional Christian communities exist though many of these are under great pressure and declining due to emigration. Even among these churches are whole communities, tribes or people groups who have almost no understanding of the gospel or access for it to bring the transforming light of Christ in to their lives.
The goal of YWAM Frontier Missions (FM) is to plant the church in those places where there is no church. Usually this takes the form of small house churches or fellowships since this is the most appropriate form in this region for both security and growth of new believers.
YWAM in the Middle East is involved in church planting in many locations. The form and daily activities of those involved varies incredibly, but in all cases the goal is the same – to see movements of believers multiplying within their local communities.
The best training for church planting is the School of Frontier Missions (SoFM) which is offered
in multiple locations in the Middle East (see training section). Though this school is offered in other locations outside the Middle East, the SoFMs in the Middle East are 100% focused on preparing you for ministry and service within the region.
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