YWAM Middle East



As is normal in YWAM, all of our staff and projects are funded by donations from friends, churches and supporters. Rising prices and pressing local needs have making it very difficult for our local staff to raise support locally.  These heroes are brave and committed but often lack support for even the basics of life. We need to help them.
Unfortunately due to security concerns we can't tell you the names of our staff and exactly what they do. But if you'd like to help we can ensure your support will get in to their hands (and their mouths). If you'd like to support a staff member regularly, we can connect you to them so they can keep you informed with regular updates.


YWAM in the Middle East

  • Runs a school for Syrian refugee children
  • Operates preschools and preschool training and is establishing new preschools
  • Helps poor families with income generation projects
  • Feeds poor and needy families and helps with basic needs, particularly in crisis situations
  • Runs training in community development, health and hygiene, women's development, literacy and language, sports and children's ministry
  • Ministers to street children and homeless
  • Runs programs for disabled children and for terminally ill children and their families

All of these projects are in need of more funding. If you want to support a particular type of project you can specify, or leave it general for us to see where there is the greatest need.


Refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria and Iraq, others feeling fighting in South Sudan, Palestinian refugees...YWAM is involved. Help us to help them. You can specify your donation to a specific crisis, or leave it to us to decide where and how it can be best used.

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