YWAM Middle East

Being led by the Spirit in Cyprus

God has been leading us in Prophetic Evangelism. One day after nothing special had happened, we were on our way home when we were moved to pray by the Holy Spirit. He gave us a word; "hardware" and the search began.

We were able to find a man of peace, who owned a hardware shop. After several visits, he invited Christ into his heart and we also prayed for an impartation of the Holy Spirit, with whom he had a deep encounter. We are continuing to disciple him. This man is now eager to share about his new faith and is passing out Bibles to his neighbors.

This strategy, of truly only following where the Lord leads, is a bit difficult and challenging at times, but we have found it very enriching and rewarding.

Last modified onWednesday, 16 July 2014 17:14
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