YWAM Middle East

New life in the midst of destruction

Though the world sees only the destruction of the wonderful land and people of Syria, we are privileged to see how the Lord is giving them new life!

One of our teams, working full time among the refugees in a neighboring country, has been faithfully praying with and sharing the gospel among families who have lost everything and been forced to flee their homes. On the surface, this seems the worst someone could suffer. But internally it has freed up many to hear the good news Jesus brings.

In one such family, our team shared with Izdeha’, a middle-aged lady. They showed her parts of the Jesus film. On their next visit she explained that she had a dream where Jesus came to her and a dove landed on her shoulder. She then told them she believed! A short while later the team visited Izdeha’ again. She told them that she had shared with her mom, who lives with her in the same house, and she believed too! Not long after, her sister also came to faith! Now the team meets with the family regularly, encouraging them in their new lives with Jesus, and hoping to see more of the same faith in their friends and neighbors.

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