YWAM Middle East

People hungry for the gospel

We were doing a short-term outreach to the Sudanese refugee camps on the border of South and North Sudan and in one month 41 Muslim people responded to the gospel and gave their lives to Jesus.

Some people heard the message through MP3 players, some during gospel stories distribution and others by attending teaching by the team. They came looking for “the God people,” saying theyíd heard the news about Ibrahim, Miriam, Isaac and they wanted to know more. The team asked if they were just looking for information about Ibrahim, or if they were seeking Jesus. They communicated clearly that they were seeking Jesus. One of these young men was a leader in a section of the camp.  
Inside the camps there are many believers, so we gathered the young people to train them how to share the gospel stories and plant churches. Five young Muslim people came and hid themselves around the grass huts and listened to the stories.  
The next day, these young Muslim men and some women came to confess their sin, ask for prayer and ask how they could accept Jesus.

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